Last chance to see Babs2Brisbane on tour

On Monday I will be taking the train back to Devon for one last stop on the Babs2Brisbane book tour. I am heading to the Appledore Book Festival. down on the north Devon coast. This is Britain’s ‘friendliest book festival’ and I am looking forward to once again seeing the lovely light which is found here, and which attracts so many artists to the area. Read the rest of this entry »

The low carbon life journey

It is strange, now, only a few hours before I embark on my next low carbon travel journey, that I feel quite calm. Considering the enormity of what is to come, I think I should be panicking a bit more. Fear was all I felt three years ago, as I was sitting in Victoria Coach Station in London, waiting to begin my overland trip to Australia, and mulling over all the possible things that could go wrong. Then my mission was to travel, without using an aeroplane, to be the bridesmaid at one of my best friend’s wedding in Brisbane. In those final moments before departure, it dawned on me that this was the biggest challenge I had ever faced. But this was one I had set myself. My passion for conserving the environment was strong. I just hoped it was enough to pull me through the unknown road ahead.

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Babs2Brisbane blog is finalist in blog awards

TB_carbon_FI have just discovered that my blog was a finalist in the travel section of the Tripbase ‘Low Carbon Blog Awards.’  Along with some more well known websites such as – the winner of the award and long term friend of Babs2Brisbane.  And some other less known, but dedicated souls like this guy who is unicycling across Canada to raise awareness of the plight of child soldiers in Uganda, Africa.

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